What are the 10 tips to be a successful Air Hostess?

Success is all we ask for throughout our life. Some people are able to achieve it and some are not. We call our luck responsible for being successful or unsuccessful in life. It is agreeable that luck has a small role in whatever you become. But remember a small role. So, for being a successful air hostess, you don’t need luck, you need to work hard and success would be at your feet. But what should you do?

There are so many people out there in numerous academies learning to be an air hostess. But not all of them become successful. There are very few people who are successful in getting a job as an air hostess in reputed airlines. The openings of the jobs are very rare. There is a fact that for a single post of an air hostess there are a hundred applicants. So, your success rate is just 1%. Need to worry, right?

So, getting admission into a first-class air hostess training institute is not all that you need. I do agree that a good institute will always help you in building your skills more efficiently but that is not enough. You need to do something at your end to become successful as an air hostess. Institutes will not teach you everything. They will provide you with knowledge but how you acquire that knowledge is up to you only. No one will spoon feed you.

To be successful as an air hostess you need to possess something that your competitors fail to have. Here are 10 tips to become a successful air hostess. Only reading these tips won’t help. You need to work on these tips then only you will be able to shine amongst your competitors.

  1. Control your temper: The very first tip to become a successful air hostess is to start learning to control your temper. Throughout your job, you will be meeting many people, people from different cultures and lifestyles. You would have to serve them in every way possible and sometimes this becomes very frustrating. But you can’t lose your temper on the passengers. You need to control yourself and serve them in the best way possible.
  2. Put on a smile!No matter how tired or flushed you are, you need to look pleasing always (even when you don’t want to!). So that smile does the work for you. Keep that smile glued to your mouth and keep serving the passengers. This tip will always help you to climb up the ladder to being a successful air hostess.
  3. Be confident: Confidence is what kills our competitors. Keep your confidence up in whatever you are doing, be it your air hostess interview or your very first flight. This is the most important part of your personality which you need to build in order to be a successful air hostess.
  4. Build some behavioral skills: There are some behavioral skills that you need to possess to become a successful air hostess. Read these and evaluate yourself. See how fit you are to become an air hostess:

Pleasing personality

Presence of mind

Good communication skills

Ready to work long and odd hours


  • Prepare yourself for the exams: Almost all reputed airline companies recruit air hostesses on the basis of examinations they conduct. The examination is in three parts. This includes a written test, group dynamics (GD) and finally the interview. You need to prepare for each part in order to be a successful air hostess.


  • Fitness: Being fit is a very important tip to become a successful air hostess. You can help others only when you yourself are fit enough. You need to stand for almost all the time in the flight and help passengers whenever they need you.


  • A pleasant look: A soft voice and a soft look are all that you need to look pleasing. This is essential to become an air hostess


  • Ready to work at odd hours?There is no fixed time slot for an air hostess. You would have to work very odd hours and even on Sundays!


  • Don’t gain weight: There is no exception to this rule. A big NO for gaining weight. If you do, you will get one month to come at your original size. If you are unable to do so in one month, you will be put on weight management program.


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